Paul Paolicelli

Paul Paolicelli  “As a kid, my father gave me a trumpet for my eleventh birthday.” Paul majored in music in college, with degrees in Music and English Literature.

Multi-talented, Paul has written several books and a screenplay, traveled in Europe as a journalist and consultant, spent a career in the press and on the television screen.

He plays lead trumpet and flugelhorn in Artistry In Jazz and the Brunswick Big Band.

“The thing that’s so amazing about the Wilmington experience, is how we all found one another. We’re all kids , music was a passion but we all had to go off and earn a living, and somehow we were able find one another again.”


Bill Merrielees

Bill Merrielees started in the fifth grade at St. Barnabas Grammar School in Chicago.

“I’ve played trumpet and cornet all my life. I grew up listening to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, and Al Hirt, Doc Severinson, Maynard Ferguson.”

Bill has been with Artistry In Jazz for about a year, and played in some brass quintets, and has as well as his own seven-piece blues band called Snake Malone and the Black Cat Bone.

“Chicago style, old blues, good old-fashioned blues music,” he says.

Like many, music runs in  the family, and also like many, the music has laid dormant for periods of time, resting, until resumed and revitalized.

“It’s always been a hobby. I’ve played in rock bands, blues bands, gospel bands, church orchestras, done a bunch of Broadway musicals. I love the music, I love the different venues.”


Garry Penningto

Garry Pennington started out in Goldsboro, “in the third or fourth grade. I played trombone for a number of years. I remember I couldn’t reach seventh position, maybe even fifth or sixth.”

The school provided the instruments and you just grabbed whatever you could find. In the eighth grade I switched over and started playing the trumpet.”

Garry’s favorite music is whatever he can play. “

I played guitar for a while, still do, and I had a thing with banjo, bluegrass. I started trumpet about a year before the band, before I met Jerry.  My wife plays a little sax, we started with the New Horizons Band. Even if you can’t play a note, they’ll get a student who will take you in a back room and show you what you need to do to get started, the rudimentaries. “