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Carl Cerniglia

Carl Cerniglia started playing trombone in 7th grade, in Miami, Fl. The high school band came to his school for a demonstration when he was in the 6th grade, and when the trombone player did a ‘smear’ he knew he was hooked.

“I was a music major at Florida State. That was the Viet Nam war, so I didn’t finish my degree. I want into the Army, played in the Army Band in New Jersey, and Korea, but when I came back to school, I majored in art education. I was an art teacher for 21 years.”

Carl put his horn away, “Didn’t play for 25 or 30 years. I picked it up again about four years ago. In my mind I had thought I would pick up where I left off,” he laughs, “But it’s like I’m back in the seventh grade again. It takes longer to build up your muscles again.”

During the interim, Carl played as a professional musician, working a Fender Precision Bass guitar.

Carl taught visual arts, painting and drawing, in Florida for 10 years, and 11 years in North Carolina.


Arnie Hegler

Arnie Hegler was born in Wilmington, but started playing music in 5th grade in Augusta, Ga. “The trombone was the only choice I had, I wanted to play the trumpet, my brother wanted to play the trombone, but the band leader decided I would be the trombone man.”

Arnie played in a drum and bugle corps at the American Legion after that and then went into the Navy, “on the FBM (Fleet Ballistic Missile) submarine, USS Woodrow Wilson.”

He met Jerry at a band concert in Southport. “I picked up on that in the late ’80. We formed ‘the big band’ six or seven years ago, Jerry came down and played with us, a couple of gigs, and invited me to come up and play.”

Arnie had been a Senior Reactor Operator at the Brunswick Power Plant, “Thirty two years, four months and eighteen days,” he laughs.

“My family is partially musical, our oldest daughter is a musician, plays piano and is the music director at Southport Presbyterian, teaches piano in the home and in the church. My other daughter plays violin, and we play together, we sound pretty good.”

Jim Lane

Jim Lane picked up the flute in the 6th grade, moved to oboe two years later, and then, “In high school, I switched to jazz and learned the trombone. I chose the flute and oboe, but didn’t like them so much, and played the trombone in Topsail High, the marching band and the concert band.”

Jim is a senior at Topsail High School, and will graduate in June.

“I’m going to Cape Fear for a year, and will be playing in the ensembles at UNCW and then major in music education.”

Jim likes big band jazz and be-bop. Favorite musicians include Benny Goodman and Horace Silver.